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X-ray Source


Model: CTX400

Twin anode X-ray source for X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)

X-ray source
x-ray source pdf

  • Twin Anode X-Ray Source

  • Choice of Anode Materials (typically Mg and Al)
  • Cu/Mo components for low outgassing and efficient heat removal from tip of source (sample region)

  • 2.75" O.D. DN40CF mounting flange

  • Retractor option gives 100mm retraction from sample region

  • Insertion length made to suit your chamber

  • Long life Yttria coated Tunsgten twin filaments

  • Quick and reliable connections to filament, anode and water cooling

  • Water, HV cover and pressure interlocks

  • Aluminium foil window between source and sample

  • Source end shaped to allow close approach to sample for optimum flux

  • High stability: 100ppm after half hour warm up

  • Voltage regulation better than 0.005% for +/-10% line variation

  • Ripple 0.1% p-p of max. output

linear translator PZ100

PZ100 linear retractor option.

100mm linear retraction.

Enables X-ray source close approach to sample for optimum flux and retraction from sample region when not in use.

DN40CF (2.75"OD CF) flanges with clear bolt holes.

Edge welded bellows.

High stability and rigidity with three support columns and six linear bearings.

Small footprint allows for integration onto complex UHV chambers.

Adjustable stop.

Linear metric scale.

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