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SPECTRA Data Acquisition


Software and Interface for spectrometer control, data acquisition, processing and presentation.

SPECTRA software v8
with SPCI721F PCI interface card.
PC / Windows based
COLLECT data acquisition package and PRESENTS data processing package
ASCII code data storage format
Mouse / menu driven.
Stored / recalled Multi-region setup with software control of all analyser parameters e.g. Energy scan, Analyser Pass Energy, CPE/CRR mode, step size, repetitive scans, dwell time etc.
Curve fitting, background removal, smoothing, de-spike, deconvolution, FWHM measurement.
Auger IMAGING option.

SPECTRA is available configured for single and multi-channel detectors. Also available to control original electronics and/or a range of replacement spectrometer control units for;

PSP Resolve 120S/MCD.
VSW HA50/100/150, CLASS100/150, HREELS.
VG CLAM range.
Omicron EA125.

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