PSP Vacuum Technology

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Spares and consumables

Upgrades & Servicing

Note: other less common parts may also be available - please contact us with you request for PSP / VG / VSW parts and servicing


X-ray source - VSW, VG, PSP models
Ion source - PSP, VSW AS10 models
Omicron LEED Optics filaments ( limited stock of original manufacturer's part )

X-ray anodes
VSW TA10 , PSP models

X-ray HT feedthrough assembly

UV lamp parts

VG UV lamp , VSW UV10 lamp

Channel electron multipliers CEM
VSW HA50, HA100, CLASS100, CLASS150

Micro-channel plates

Special wire seal gaskets
VSW HA100/150 CLASS100/150, VSW HREELS

Electrical feedthroughs and edge welded bellows replaced

Ceramic insulators
Kapton coated wire
Thermocouple wire

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